April Fools Day 2023: 8 Relatable & funny memes to mark this quirky occasion

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 31, 2023

April Fools Day is arriving soon. Are you ready for it -- not only to prank your friends but also to share some funny memes on social media?

Take a look at some relatable memes that you can share with your gang to make the most out of this quirky day.

Happy Fools Day!

How about observing the day on...March 32, or February 30?

Ahem! Hope you have a great life with smiles and happiness similar to how you giggled at this meme.

The classic meme template to celebrate the "mazaak tha bhai" moment.

Now, this question is for the pro to decode!

Stay calm and be not a fool this April 1st.