Monday Blues? Check Out These Memes To Cheer Up

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 25, 2023

Monday has arrived and it is waving at you. Aren't you ready to enjoy the day and a great working week ahead? Get rid of your Monday blues with these hilarious and relatable memes... SWIPE

When the alarm rings to let you know that Monday has arrived... You be like: (this meme).

Overthinking mode on? The moment when you wake up early and start questioning age-old idioms like "Early bird catches the worm..."

Everyone seems to be behaving like a lazy panda on Mondays, probably that's what some call a 'Sunday hangover.'

However, we hope a cup of coffee or tea is making your day a better one. This Einstein meme is quite relatable, isn't it?

Yes, it will go away in the next few hours!

There's surely one more, but the other week...

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