7 Times Salman Khan Paved Way To Relatable Memes

By: Rahul M | December 26, 2023

Much-loved Bollywood actor Salman Khan will celebrate his 58th birthday on December 27. On this special day, let's remember him with some of the hilarious memes he paved the way to.

Travel lovers would find this meme apt for flaunting their trips among their circles and say, "Aisi koi jagah nahi jahan me gaya nahi."

In pyaar vyaar? Salman Khan's scenes and expressions have given 'Aashiqs' several memes covering every mood and situation. The above is one such when your honeybunny takes good own time to reply to your text while purportedly you do it too soon.

This meme is for all students who skip noticing their exam schedule and only realise days after that they missed an important paper.

Meanwhile, you know whom to tag and share this meme with. We'll stay quit here.

Ever been to some place uninvited and caught in awkward reactions? Next time, try taking inspiration from Salman Khan by asking, "Swagat nahi karoge hamara?"

Days when you landed home drunk or lied to your parents about something and had to confront them... This meme seems just that!

We all have some friends who get us into trouble and also fortunately rescue us from the fuss, trying to be a hero. Send them this meme.

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