7 Bunny Memes You Must Download & Share This International Rabbit Day

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 29, 2023

The world is observing Rabbit Day on September 30, a day marked on the last Saturday of the month. It is an occasion to remember, celebrate, and spread awareness about the animal.

On this day, let's remember the adorable bunnies with some relatable memes. Check out a collection of seven 'Bunny Memes' you must download and share to mark International Rabbit Day.

(1) To begin with, this meme is something you can send to your friend who is a die-hard Barbie fan. Let them know about the funny-tweaked version of the popular phrase "I am a Barbie girl..."

(2) Feeling out of the crowd or an odd one out? Save this meme for such situations.

(3) We all have that one person who turns out to be a fake friend and more of an enemy. Also, this meme can be relatable to the one who is involved in back-bitching.

(4) A meme to Laugh Out Loud (LOL) as you know whom to tag here.

(5) This is a cliché' but classic meme on Monday which uses the Bunny face. Express your lazy Monday mood with this meme.

(6) The moment when your partner praises and admires you is one of the best feelings; this meme celebrates it in the most adorable way.

(7) Honestly, we all wish to be the best of our kind. Here's a cute meme relating to the situation where a bunny is seen asking the Lord to make him an Easter Bunny.

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