Message On Shoes To Black Armband: Usman Khawaja Highlights Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza

By: Hrishikesh Damodar | December 22, 2023

Usman Khawaja irked controversy after he was spotted wearing shoes with 'All Lives Are Equal' message to show solidarity with people of Palestine during Australia's training session ahead of Perth Test

Credits: Instagram/Usman Khawaja

The International Cricket Council (ICC) banned Khawaja from entering the field with the 'political' message on the shoes for the 1st Test vs Pakistan

Credits: Twitter

The Australian opener vowed to fight to seek approval from ICC for wearing 'All Lives Are Equal' and 'Freedom Is a Human Right' shoes for Perth Test

Credits: Twitter/Usman Khawaja

Australian captain Pat Cummins confirmed that Khawaja won't wear shoes with message for the Perth Test

Credits: Twitter/SportsStar

However, Usman Khawaja walked out to bat with the black armband as a silent support to the people of Gaze in Palestine

Credits: Twitter

Khawaja put a tap on the message on his shoe to wear for the Perth Test

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Usman Khawaja was reprimanded by ICC for wearing the black armband without the approval of the board, thus violating the code of conduct

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Usman Khawaja became emotional while addressing the media about innocents Palestinian kids affected Israeli attack

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