Karadaiyan Nombu 2023: Everything about the South Indian festival similar to Vat-Savitri Puja

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 13, 2023

Karadaiyan Nombu is a major Tamil festival which is also celebrated in other regions of South India. It is observed in remembrance of ‘Satyvan and Savitri.’ This year, it falls on March 14.

The Mahabharata records and narrates how Savitri used prayers to save her husband Satyavan's life and prevented Yama, the god of the dead, from taking him when he was fated to die.

Married women observe a fast on this auspicious day and pray for the long lives of their husbands and a happy family. Unmarried girls also observe Karadaiyan Nombu to seek a good groom.

The fast for Karadayan Vritham is observed from sunrise on the transition day when God Surya moves from Kumbha Rashi to Meena Rashi.

Manjal Saradu, a yellow colored thread along with a small flower around the neck, is tied in the hands of females. It is also referred as ‘Karadai Nombu Saradu.’ The festivities follow with authentic cooking served along with betel leaves and nuts.

Mantra to be chanted while the sacred thread is being tied. A fruit is held in the hands during the ritual. doraṁ gṛhṇāmi subhage sahāridram dharāmyaham | bharthu: āyuś siddhyarthaṁ suprītā bhava sarvadā

Ma Durga and Ma Gowri are worshipped by devotees on this day. The story of ‘Satyvan and Savitri' is recited during the puja.

Women apply kumkum on each other's forehead and also apply haldi-kumkum on their mangalsutra. Have a blessed Karadaiyan Nombu.