Ram Temple Inauguration: 7 Must-Visit Temples In Mumbai For Ram Devotees

By: Swarna Srikanth | January 18, 2024

One may head to the "Ayodhya of Maharashtra" this festival season. It is none other than the Wadala Ram Mandir. It looks forward to marking the Ram Janmabhoomi inauguration with a 3-day celebration starting this Saturday.

The Ram Mandir in Chembur's Bharat Nagar is a temple that will provide one with a divine and calming experience. During the visit here, one may also take darshan of Lord Shiva.

Shree Ram Mandir near Mumbai's iconic Kabutarkhana in Dadar is a temple close to the popular Siddhivinayak temple of the city. People visiting here may also seek the blessings of Vitthal Rakhumai.

Matunga's Ram Mandir situated near the Maheshwari Udhyan Circle is one of the peaceful temples to visit on this auspicious day. One may also take darshan of Navagraha, Ganpati Bappa, Swami Ayyappa, Guruvayoorappan, and Murugan here.

The Lord Rama temple located in the busy streets of Bhuleshwar's Fanas Wadi is a temple popular among devotees seeking the blessings of Rama Lala. It is one of the city's oldest temples with beautiful architecture.

While Walkeshwar is known for its Lord Shiva temples spread around Banganga, its peaceful temple dedicated to Rama Lalla is something that you can skip visiting. Here, special prayers are offered to Lord Hanuman along with worshipping Siya Ram.

The city has one of its well-known Lord Ram temples in Bangur Nagar, Goregoan which vibes in festival spirit with its grand celebrations on special days. Mumbaikars can plan to visit this divine destination on Jan 22 to be involved in the festivities.