Ernest Rutherford Birthday: Must-Know Facts About The Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Who Proposed An Atomic Model

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 29, 2023

Ernest Rutherford is one of the notable personalities in Science for his contributions to physics. On August 30, we observe his birth anniversary, the New Zealand-born physicist known to the world for his experiment and study on atoms.

He was the pioneering researcher in both atomic and nuclear physics which gave him the title "the father of nuclear physics."

In his research, he proposed an atomic theory where he tried to describe the structure of atoms.

Referred to as 'Rutherford's gold foil experiment,' his work is a part of science textbooks in schools and colleges in India.

It was in 1908 that the physics scholar received a Nobel Prize. However, recognition came to him for his work in chemistry - disintegration of elements and the chemistry of radioactive substances.

Along with the above-stated facts, Rutherford also discovered alpha and beta rays, and the proton which he then called "hydrogen atom."

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