PHOTOS You Should Not Miss As Pune Fire Brigade Wraps Up Fire Service Week

By: Megha Yadav | April 21, 2024

Pune Fire Brigade concluded Fire Service Week with impactful demonstrations across the city

Pune Fire Brigade conducted demonstrations on fire safety empowering citizens with life-saving knowledge

In the year 1944, 66 firemen were martyred in a fire in a ship at Mumbai's dockyard

On this occasion, April 14 to 20 is observed as Public Awareness Fire Service Week at the country level

Chief Fire Officer Devendra Potfode honoured a total of 23 officers and soldiers who have performed well in the last year in the fire brigade and gave certificates

On this occasion, officers and soldiers of the Pune Fire Brigade organised fire demonstrations and lectures at various places in the city such as hospitals, malls, schools, colleges and tall buildings

After a week-long dedicated to safety, Pune Fire Brigade concluded Fire Service Week with gratitude and pride

Chief Fire Officer Devendra Potfode said, "I am proud as the chief of this force as every officer and jawan of my force is performing their duty competently"

During the week, an exhibition was organized at Saras Bagh on public awareness about firefighting materials and procedures. Citizens responded well to this exhibition.