PHOTOS: Shri Mahaganpati Temple Of Ranjangaon

By: Staff Reporter | April 21, 2024

Ranjangaon Ganpati, also known as Shri Mahaganpati, is a popular temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha

Located in Shirur taluka of Pune, this temple is one of the Ashtavinayak temples

The idol of Lord Ganesha in this temple was inaugurated and donated by the 'Khollam' family, a goldsmith family of Ranjangaon

The temple dates back to the 9th or 10th century, whereas the main temple looks like it was built in the Peshwa period

The temple, facing east, has a magnificent and beautiful entrance gate

Madhavrao Peshwa built a room in the basement of the temple to keep the idol of Lord Ganesh

Later, the room was renovated by Sardar Kibe of Indore

The idol of Lord Ganesh is also known as 'Mahotkat' and is said to have 10 trunks and 20 hands

Ranjangaon and Mahaganpati temple have a very special place in the hearts of devotees