PHOTOS: Kumbharwada In Pune, Your Go-To Destination For All Pottery Needs

By: Aakash Singh | February 07, 2024

Kumbhar Wada in Pune, a 500-year-old market at Dengle Bridge, blends history and modernity

It allures visitors to witness the rich past and contemporary vibrancy

An idol of godess Durga at a stall in Kumbharwada

Abundant space and water along the Mutha River beckoned the ceramic-making community

In Kumbharwada, a stall offers small chulhas for sale, catering to diverse needs

Colorful matkas available for sale, gearing up for the upcoming summer season

Danglers and wind chimes, perfect decorative items, are also available

Exquisite individual pottery masterpiece in the shape of a duck-shaped pot

Despite a bustling atmosphere throughout the year, Kumbhar Wada experiences a brief respite during the two to three months of the rainy season

The potters' community has shifted to Mundhwa, marking a change from the traditional potter's wheel to the automatic wheel

Several stalls impressive collection of large decorative vases

Potters skillfully applying black coloring to earthen pots

The distinct structure of shops in Kumbhar Wada unfolds, where commercial activities occur at the front

Pottery takes center stage as summer approaches, occupying significant space