PHOTOS: Families Of Yerwada Inmates Sit On Road In Scorching Day Heat

By: Megha Yadav | April 14, 2024

Family Meeting led to frustration at Yerwada Prison as relatives wait outdoors in sweltering heat

In accordance with this rule, inmates are allowed to meet their relatives on this particular day

A recently introduced calling facility now allows inmates to communicate with their relatives by following specific orders or rules

Because of COVID restrictions prisoners couldn't meet leaving families unable to visit their loved ones

Relatives were forced to sit on hot roads outside prison due to lack of proper seating at Yerwada prison

Pune is sizzling under a heatwave, with temperatures reaching a scorching 40.0 degrees Celsius according to the IMD

Relatives were compelled to seek refuge under shade amidst oppressive heat

Families of inmates were searching for comfort as authorities failed offering enough shelter

It is one of the oldest prisons yet it lacks one the most basic needs like proper seating for families