PHOTOS: Aesthetic Cafes In Pune With Awesome Coffee

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 07, 2023

Wari Book Cafe in Pune is a cozy haven for book lovers, offering a curated collection of books, a peaceful ambiance, and delectable refreshments. A must-visit for literary enthusiasts.

Vohuman Cafe in Pune is an iconic eatery known for its delectable Irani tea, bun maska, and flavorful keema pav. A beloved spot to savor authentic Parsi cuisine and a warm ambiance.

Katha Cafe in Pune is a literary retreat where books and coffee come together. With a diverse collection of reads and aromatic brews, it's a haven for those seeking intellectual nourishment.

Zen Cafe in Pune is a serene spot where you can enjoy a variety of Asian dishes. The tranquil ambiance, soothing decor, and delicious Pan-Asian cuisine make it a must-visit dining destination.

Open Window Bistro is a charming rooftop eatery in Pune, offering a delightful blend of global and Indian flavors. Its cozy atmosphere and scrumptious menu make it a perfect dining choice.

Leafy Trails is a tranquil and eco-friendly retreat in Pune. It offers a serene environment surrounded by lush greenery, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and relaxation seekers.

Cafe Goodluck in Pune is an iconic eatery known for its delicious Irani chai, bun maska, and a warm, nostalgic ambiance. A must-visit for those seeking classic Pune flavors.

Pagdandi Cafe in Pune is a charming book cafe that combines a curated collection of books with delightful refreshments. A perfect spot for bookworms and coffee lovers alike.

It is pretty near Mahatma Phule Museum. It's time to relax and try tasty burgers and perfectly cooked sandwiches. The truth is that you will really enjoy good flija. Order great frappes, hot chocolate or ice tea, it's a must.