Meet Aaditi Sawant: Pune Girl Leads Student Movement For Garbage Cleanup; Gram Panchayat Takes Action - PHOTOS

By: Gunwanti Paraste | December 06, 2023

The 12-year-old took on the Gram Panchayat to clean up her school surroundings

Confronting the menace of diseases, Aaditi's lone protest sought to move the persistent garbage depot near her school

FPJ's report on Aaditi's struggle amplified her voice – Gram Panchayat authorities took swift action

Aaditi and fellow students express joy as Gram Panchayat successfully cleans up the surroundings

Gram Panchayat fulfills its commitment to a cleaner future – machinery and containers allocated for efficient waste collection

Residents and students united – celebrating the success of a collective effort for a garbage-free school zone