10 PHOTOS Of Veer Mhaskoba Festival Celebrations In Pune's Veer Village

By: Aakash Singh | March 06, 2024

Top view of the celebrations of the Shreenath Veer Mhaskoba festival in Pune district's Veer village

The festival is a celebration of Lord Shiva's avatar of the same name and his marriage

It lasts for 10 days during the Magh Poornima (February full moon), with the final Sunday being the most important

Devotees, accompanied by regional bugle music, traverse on foot with palkis from Kondit village to Veer village, covering a 30 km distance

The 10 day festival attracts 10-15 lakh devotees who gather in the temple at Kondit

Some devotees even stay for 10 days in the village for festival

When the deity is believed to have entered the body of the devotee they perform amazing stunts with swords

After the 5th day of the yatra there is a ceremony called Bhaknuk where it is assumed that the deity assumes a devotees body

Kunal Patil