10 Beautiful PHOTOS Of Vetal Tekdi That Explain Why Punekars Are Uniting To Preserve It

By: Aakash Singh | April 15, 2024

Save Vetal Tedki' protest march, which took place on April 15 last year, commemorated its first anniversary today

It was organised to protest against the construction of a proposed 2.1km-long road from Balbharati to Paud Phata

Primary force behind the rally was the Vetal Tekdi Bachav Kruti Samiti (VTBKS) – an apolitical coalition encompassing various citizen groups

They argued that the project would significantly damage the city's greenery, particularly as it traverses Vetal Tekdi, one of the last green bastions

The group underscored the importance of designating Vetal Tekdi as a 'Natural Heritage' site in Pune's Development Plan

The hill is famous among Punekars and known as one of the last green bastions in city

It is home to several species of animals, birds and flowering plants

Ranjeet Rane

Sunsets and sunrises from this hill offer unparalleled experiences, enhanced by panoramic views of the city

In the years ahead, it remains to be seen if Punekars will succeed in preserving their cherished hill