World Tuna Day 2024: Try These Easy And Healthy Snack Dishes

By: Rahul M | May 01, 2024

Every year, May 2nd is celebrated as World Tuna Day to spread awareness about Tuna Fish and how their population is decreasing due to unregulated fishing methods. As we celebrate this day, here are some quick and easy tuna dishes.

All images from Canva

Tuna Pasta Salad is a creamy and healthy meal you can make on your lazy days. It is a lightweight food option, making it best for the summer.

An easy and quick snack choice, a Tuna sandwich is a healthy meal option. Add your favourite veggies and cheese for a tastier and more nutritious option.

Tuna Patties are delightful, crispy and bite-sized snacks, perfect to munch on. Pair it with green veggies and your favourite sauce for a tasty combination.

Creamy and flavourful Tuna salads are the best brunch or lunch meal option. Its simplicity and easy recipe make it an ideal choice for many.

Tuna Burgers are an excellent food for snacking. It's rich and savoury with a delicious taste. Simply add some veggies, and sauce of your choice in the bun with the tuna mixture and enjoy the food.

A healthy meal choice, Tuna Wrap is an easy dish to make by rolling tuna salads in a wrap with fresh and crunchy veggies, and sauce.