World Gin Day 2024: 7 Gin Brands You Must Know About

By: Amisha Shirgave | June 07, 2024

World Gin Day is celebrated in June 8. It is a tribute to the rich history and diverse flavors of gin. Hendrick's is hand-crafted in Girvan, a town on Scotland's southwest coast. Eleven botanicals are combined to make Hendrick's, including cucumbers, roses, and the indispensable juniper berries.

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Renowned for its distinctive green bottle, Tanqueray is widely recognized as one of the top gin brands globally. It's also an excellent representation of London Dry Gin, with the perfect balance of licorice, angelica, juniper, and coriander.

Despite being relatively new to the gin scene, Sipsmith has quickly become well-known. 2009 saw the distillation of Sipsmith on London's first copper still in almost 200 years.

Bombay Sapphire is a silky gin that comes from one of the greatest and finest gin recipes in the world. Bombay has a flavorful blend that is well-balanced and has a fragrant taste.

The Botanist offers an ideal balance between floral and dry pine characteristics, making it the perfect gin to use for complex cocktails with fruit elements.

Three traditional gin staples—lemon peel, juniper and angelica root—are included in the botanical composition of Plymouth Gin. It's a delicious, straightforward spirit that pairs well with most gin drinks.

An absolute must try is the Roku Japanese Gin. To guarantee freshness and the greatest flavor, its ingredients are sourced from Japan's top growing regions. Sakura flower, gyokuro tea, green tea, sansho pepper, yuzu, and Sakura leaf are the six ingredients of a Japanese cocktail.