World Composting Day 2024: Ways To Observe This Day

By: Rahul M | May 28, 2024

World Composting Day is celebrated on May 29 every year with the aim of educating yourself and others about effective ways of minimising your household waste.

Compost is organic matter that gets decomposed later. Compost can be made from natural waste made out of vegetable peels, leaves, etc. 

Compost can be made of any organic matter except processed foods and meat.

Composting acts as a natural fertilizer for the soil after decomposition. It helps the soil retain its nutrients and moisture. 

Composting saves resources due to its high nutrient content. Composting can help you make your garden bloom and keep your soil healthy.

You can reduce, reuse and recycle through composting. It is often referred to as 'black gold' by farmers due to its benefits.

On World Composting Day, you can celebrate it by either making your own compost, talking to farmers about how they make compost or introducing your friends and family to composting and making compost together.