World Brain Tumor Day 2024: General Signs And Symptoms Of The Critical Condition That You Might Have Ignored

By: Rahul M | June 08, 2024

Every year, June 8 is observed as World Brain Tumor Day to spread awareness and educate people about this medical condition.

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A brain tumor is a condition where abnormal growth of cells occurs in and around the brain.

The World Brain Tumor Day 2024 theme is 'Brain Health and Prevention'.

One of the major symptoms of a brain tumor is a headache. Having a severe headache, migraine, and head pressure can be a sign of a critical condition.

Feeling nausea and vomiting can be other general symptoms of a brain tumor.

Several eye problems, such as blurry vision, losing sight on the sides of the eye vision or seeing double, are signs of a brain tumor.

Feeling tired, hungry, and dizzy can be other symptoms that show you have a brain tumor. Make sure to seek medical help if you have severe symptoms.