Who Is Nancy Tyagi? All About Delhi-Based Influencer Who's Making Her Debut At Cannes 2024

By: Manisha Karki | May 14, 2024

Delhi based Indian fashion designer Nancy Tyagi hails from Baranwa village in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. She is all set to make her debut on the illustrious Cannes Red Carpet 2024. Let’s know about the fashion influencer.

Marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career, she has been nominated for prestigious notable awards and recognition.

Nancy, who had moved to Delhi for UPSC tutoring after high school, was unprepared for the obstacles and ended up being completely engrossed in content production.

Maya, her mother, was a primary school teacher in their hometown before the epidemic struck, and she was forced to look for work in an e-waste factory in order to make ends meet in the city.

In an attempt to make a financial contribution, Tyagi took to social media, using frequent fashion transition videos to draw in viewers and make money.

In addition to studying for the UPSC, she came up with creative content ideas to set herself apart in the congested digital market. Today, she has a massive 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 833K Instagram followers.