Weekly Tarot Predictions: Tarot card Reading From May 6 to May 12, 2024 For All Zodiac Signs

By: Akshata Khanolkar | May 06, 2024

From your love life to career and health to spirituality, find out what the cards reveal. Read on to know your weekly Tarot messages.

Dear Aries, this week brings clarity. You are urged to let go of control issues and quit holding onto an idea or circumstance tightly. Eliminate old narratives and leave the past behind. Something better is coming your way. 

Dear Taurus, this week is about taking tangible steps towards building a solid future. You will choose to move beyond old patterns and traditions. You could be surrounded by helpful people who will support you in creating new/better things. 

Dear Gemini, this week is about creating balance, healing, meditating, reflecting,  and letting go of tension. Take time to lighten up the mood. Patience shall be key to your success. 

Dear Cancerians, this week you may feel like being in firm control of situations. However, you may not have sufficient vision or clarity to do so. It shall be best to pause and take some time out. Do not let your ego or arrogance take the lead. 

Dear Leo, this week you are approaching the end of a challenging cycle. Take care of your own needs first and indulgence is recommended. You may experience a surge of energy and feel the need to go wild.

Dear Virgo, this week brings positive changes and clarity. Any issues in the recent past will start seeing improvement. However, it may take a few days to feel emotionally stable. Try to maintain a positive mindset. 

Dear Libra, this week your mind could be in a confused state and there are  decisions that need to be taken. You are advised to be prudent and methodical in your approach when it comes to drawing conclusions. 

Dear Scorpio, this week brings fierce, striking and charismatic energy into your life. You will have the opportunity to shine. Beware of your impatience and temper.

Dear Sagittarius, this week brings auspicious energy. You are going to be grounded  mature and calm in your approach. It is a good time to plan as well as execute tasks. Travel, exploration and expansion are in the cards. 

Dear Capricorn, this week try to stay away from competitive or chaotic energy. You may feel a little stressed or pressured. Be bold enough to put an end to certain situations, if required. Preserve your peace of mind. 

Dear Aquarius, this week brings strong intuitive ability and emotional clarity. You shall be blessed with inner-strength, wisdom and resilience. These qualities are going to help you peacefully and skilfully resolve an existing unsteady situation. 

Dear Pisces, this week shall be about self-empowerment, multitasking and working hard. You are being awakened to your potential. You could learn a new skill and methodically build your professional success. 

Deck- White Sage Tarot