Weekly Tarot Predictions: Tarot Card Reading From March 4 To 10, 2024 For All Zodiac Signs

By: Akshata Khanolkar | March 04, 2024

From your love life to career and health to spirituality, find out what the cards reveal. Read on to know your weekly Tarot messages.

Dear Aries, it is going to be an emotional week. You are going to be affectionate, loving and caring with your loved ones. Some of you may solidify new contracts, agreements or commitments. 

Dear Taurus, this week could bring about changes that could throw you off balance. You will now have the opportunity to build something new with a solid foundation. Keep your confidence high and have faith in your skills. 

Dear Gemini, this week could summon some chaotic changes and things may come to a head. It shall be a busy period with much to do on your hands. Thankfully, your confidence and leadership skills shall help you competently deal with everything. 

Dear Cancerians, this week you are asked to free yourself from your own restrictive  mindset. It is time to think on your feet and take inspired action. You shall be blessed with a wish fulfilment, if you keep your heart and mind open. 

Dear Leo, this week your confidence, and dedication will help you execute many tasks. It is going to be a busy period and you will have the opportunity to shine. Your intelligence, leadership skills and sharp mental acumen will give you an edge over others. 

Dear Virgo, this is a very auspicious period. You are going to come out of your shell and taste real freedom. Leave behind all the negativity and move ahead. It is time to get out of your home, have fun, travel and enjoy some sunlight. 

Dear Libra, this is a very auspicious week. You are going to experience happy occasions, celebrations, achievements and a chance to engage with your loved ones. Go ahead and enjoy a good time.  

Dear Scorpio, this week you will get the chance to cultivate your finances and build a strong foundation in your career. You are advised to remain practical, grounded and in touch with reality at all times. Work diligently and be quick to capitalise on all the opportunities coming your way. 

Dear Sagittarius, it is going to be a highly spiritual and intuitive week. Connect with your higher self and pay close attention to the messages it has to offer. Learn to trust your inner voice and look beyond illusions. 

Dear Capricorn, this week you are going to catch up with family and friends. There could be a celebration or party in your midst. Singles could meet someone special and existing romantic partnerships will thrive. 

Dear Aquarius, this week you are going to indulge in food, drinks, shopping and all the good things that life has to offer. You could be offered a new job or financial opportunity. A well strategized financial plan shall help you lay a solid foundation in your personal life.

Dear Pisces, this week you are going to be blessed with wisdom, insight, clarity of thought and action. You will be able to end any confusion playing on your mind thus inviting much peace and contentment into your life. 

Deck- White Sage Tarot