Weekly Tarot Predictions: Tarot Card Reading From Mar 11 To 17, 2024 For All Zodiac Signs

By: Akshata Khanolkar | March 11, 2024

From your love life to career and health to spirituality, find out what the cards reveal. Read on to know your weekly Tarot messages

Dear Aries, a truth could be revealed or new developments could occur such that you are pushed into a new phase of your life. It is time to head into new challenges and quests. Unlock the magic within and set sights on higher goals.

Dear Taurus, this week your personal life shall bring much happiness and contentment. There could be a celebration or party in your midst. At work, you will be itching to take risks and break the status quo.

Dear Gemini, this week brings a sudden surge of energy and passion. You are going to be highly motivated to execute multiple tasks. Try to remain tactful. Beware of alienating people because of your fiery temperament. 

Dear Cancerians, this week brings slowness and a deliberate change of pace. You are required to take one thing at a time and ensure that you focus on quality over quantity. Work hard and dig deep into details. 

Dear Leo, this week you are letting go of a very difficult situation. Take a step back, rest and recuperate before moving ahead. Look at the big picture and change your strategies to suit new found changes. You are asked to take things slow. 

Dear Virgo, it is time to come out of hiding and unleash your wild side. Show confidence, courage and faith in your work. This is going to be an auspicious and abundant period full of possibilities. 

Dear Libra, this is an ambitious and achievement oriented phase. Let go of emotional baggage and clutter. You may feel like breaking through all the barriers and rushing towards your goals. However, you are advised to embrace a slow and steady approach. 

Dear Scorpio, this week brings renewed strength and creativity. However, you may feel a lack of clarity and direction. Be real with yourself. Take decisions from a practical and financially beneficial standpoint.

Dear Sagittarius, this week you are asked to be slow and deliberate in your approach. If you do not pace yourself appropriately, it could turn out to be a chaotic period. The best thing you can do is wait, watch and then decide. 

Dear Capricorn, this week you are going to be in your element. At work you will feel like taking the lead and being in charge. Some of you may offer gifts or items of value to your loved ones. Others may decide to indulge in luxurious experiences. 

Dear Aquarius, this week your intellectual acumen and clear thinking shall help you at work. You could possibly reduce your duties and cut down on unnecessary tasks using your sharp logical mind.

Dear Pisces, it could seem like an emotionally difficult period. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will be able to overcome challenges through the guidance and support from your Higher-self/Intuition/God/Universe. 

Deck- White Sage Tarot