Weekly tarot predictions: Tarot card reading from Apr 22nd, 2024 to Apr 28th, 2024 for all zodiac signs

By: Akshata Khanolkar | April 24, 2024

From your love life to career and health to spirituality, find out what the cards reveal. Read on to know your weekly Tarot messages

Dear Aries, your focus shall reluctantly shift from partnerships, friendships and connections to your professional responsibilities. You shall find success if you gather information, plan, learn new skills and persevere in search of results.

Dear Taurus, this week looks chaotic and wild. You could feel like you are stuck in your head, dealing with multiple opposing forces. Use your intellect and practical skills to manage tasks and people.

Dear Gemini, this week brings challenging energy. It could most likely be a difficult situation at work or your finances. You are advised to be firm and stand by your opinion. Pay attention to aches, pains and health issues.

Dear Cancerians, focus on smart work instead of hard work. Use data, technology, and your ingenuity to be more efficient. This is a great period for your personal life. Pay attention to your dietary habits. Nourish, nurture and heal your physical self.

Dear Leo, this week brings new financial and work opportunities. You could sign a new contract or agreement. You may become impatient to see results and growth.

Dear Virgo, this week brings clarity and victory. You shall recover from health issues or setbacks. It is time to reflect on your priorities and plan your next moves. Do not hesitate to act.

Dear Libra, this week you will see the walls around you break down. There are fresh new beginnings coming your way which will bolster your confidence. It is divine timing for you to start seeing progress.

Dear Scorpio, this week brings an end to old chapters and ushers a busy period. You shall have tremendous clarity of thought and action. Try to be mentally present and sharp in your current situation.

Dear Sagittarius, this week brings change and awakening. You may deal with a difficult environment and tackle everything with utmost competence. Focus on getting good sleep and rest.

Dear Capricorn, this week is about gaining clarity and putting an end to old chapters. Put your plans together meticulously. Breakaway from confusing situations using your experience and intuition.

Dear Aquarius, this week shall bring a breakthrough in your financial situation. You may upgrade your lifestyle, look for new income sources, start investing and establish a solid foundation to your financial stability.

Dear Pisces, this week things may seemingly come to a halt. However, new buds of opportunities are brewing underneath the surface. Within the next few months, you will start seeing the results coming to fruition.