Valentine's Week 2024: 7 Types Of Hugs & What They Mean

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 11, 2024

Side hug: It is more common in acquaintances and is almost like saying "It's great to be with you."

Friend's hug are sudden and often too tight. They aren't too touchy, but are certainly filled with affection.

Hugging from behind:. Also known as 'The protector hug', it indicates that you promise to keep your partner safe and secured.

Eye-to-eye hug: This is a relatively better way of hugging someone when you're extremely close, trusting, and loving. Slow dancing with your partner in this pose is something you can enjoy.

Bear hug is a tight hug that gives a very comforting, lovable and intimate feeling that bonds two people.

Straddle hug highlights a deep intimate connection and mutual trust between partners.

Catcher hug is shared by two people who meet after a long time. They rush towards each other in excitement and share an playful embrace