Top 10 essential dishes in Onam Sadya

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 06, 2022

Add a sugary twist and jaggery to the banana chips and you have Upperi

Erissery is a thick gravy made with pumpkin, ground coconut and seasoned with fried shallots and fried coconut

Olan is a mixture of white pumpkin, coconut milk and cow peas

Thoran is a stir fry vegetable dish made of either cabbage, beans, raw jackfruit or carrot and grated coconut.

Kalan is a sour cream curry is made with yams, plantains, coconut and curd

Moru Curry is a savoury side dish made of buttermilk and served with rice and dry spicy vegetable dish

Varutharacha Sambar is a sambhar made with mixed vegetables, roasted coconut and lots of spices

Ada Pradhaman is a traditional Kerala payasam prepared with jaggery coconut milk and rice ada or rice flakes.

Paal Payasam or what is known as Unakkalari in Malayalam is purely divine. The mild pink hue comes from the slow cooked red rice

Puli Inji is a sweet and sour ginger pickle made of tamarind, ginger and jaggery

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