THIS Man Has Been Eating Pizza Everyday For Last Six Years, Aims To Crack Guinness World Record

By: Rahul M | May 07, 2024

A man from Connecticut in the US is aiming to achieve a Guinness World Record by making pizza a part of his everyday life.

Identified as Kenny Wildes, he has been eating pizza everyday for the last six years. And, May 7 marks "Day 2489."

You may not believe it, but it is true and evident through his social media which is filled with a daily update of his pizza.

While some might wonder and worry whether that's good for one's health, Kenny finds no harm in enjoying the dish.

He recently told the media: "I'm fit and healthy. I love eating pizza, and my favourite crust is thick and crispy..."

Interested in knowing how it started for Kenny? A simple dare by his friend is the answer.

Everyday he tries a pizza for his meal, and says, "I’ll continue my streak as long as I’m still excited pizza."