Surge In Dengue Cases Amidst Monsoon: Ways To Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites

By: Rahul M | June 12, 2024

With monsoons gracing the country, diseases and illnesses are quick to spread. Dengue is one such common disease that can infect people during rainy season due to dengue mosquitos. Here are the ways to protect yourself from it.

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If you live in an area where many mosquitos exist and can have direct contact with your skin, you can install mosquito nets in your room. It will not only keep you safe from mosquitos but will also give you a sound sleep.

Have a stroll around your house and get rid of any stagnant water or stored water that is exposed. Mosquitos breed in stagnant water.

Carry a mosquito repellent with you at all times. You can use it while travelling, especially in the evening and late night.

Wear full clothing. Wear full sleeves shirt and socks while stepping out. Use the repellent even when you're fully dressed to be safe.

You can also try using camphor and neem oil to keep the mosquitos away. Burning some camphor with a few drops of neem oil and leaving the room closed for about 20 mins can help get rid of the mosquitos.

Maintain hygiene around you. Whether at home or at office. Make sure the bushes are trimmed and there is no stagnant water you.