Summer Plants Care Tips: 7 Ways To Keep Your Green Friend Healthy In The Heat Wave

By: Rahul M | May 04, 2024

One of the best times to water plants during the summer is in the morning. This allows the soil and plant roots to fully absorb the water.

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Get a shade cover or cover plants with clothes to protect them from too much sun exposure. Make sure the cover blocks 50% of the sunlight.

Summer is not an ideal time to re-pot your plant. Re-potting leads to leaf damage, which can be a problem during the heat.

Don't overwater your plant during the summer. Heat and sun exposure during the hot weather can lead to leaf wilt on over-watered plants.

Composting plants like fruit plants and flowering plants during the summer season will keep them healthy and hydrated.

Remove weeds from your plants or garden to avoid plant diseases and harbour pests.

Tropical plants thrive in humid conditions and require regular misting during the heat wave to ensure they stay healthy.