Stressed? A 'Dose' Of Chocolate Will Make You Feel Better; Check More Health Benefits

By: Swarna Srikanth | February 09, 2024

It's time to gift your loved one some chocolates or treat yourself with them this Chocolate Day (February 9).

Did you know that chocolates come with amazing health benefits to lift up your mood and reduce your stress levels?

It is believed that eating chocolates with dry fruits or fresh fruits is a great source of energy. It fuels up your body.

Also, drinking a chocolate shake without milk, along with some berries, can help you relax and get a good sleep as per some research.

Body massage in itself is a calming experience, but adding chocolate to the process rejuvenates skin.

Flavonols present in dark chocolate are said to prove effective in brain functioning and memory power.

Do munching chocolates make you feel better on stressed days? They contain tryptophan, which form serotonin in our brain to provide relaxation and reduce stress hormones.

Happy Chocolate Day. Don't forget to take a bite of chocolate today as it has many health benefits.