Should You Be Worried About The Side Effects Of Covishield Vaccine?

By: Amisha Shirgave | May 04, 2024

AstraZeneca recently admitted that there are rare side effects of their vaccine, Covishield. This is vaccine that was widely used in India and hence, got people worried. But is there any need to worry?

All images are from Canva

The rare side effect of Covishield vaccine is that it might trigger a blood clotting syndrome called Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS). It is a rare but concerning condition that results in decrease of blood platelet levels.

Every vaccine or medicine has its side effects and one should read all the facts before reaching a conclusion and spreading hoax that might cause a scare. Yes, TTS is a serious condition but it also a very rare condition. The ratio is 1 in 50000 according to IANS.

Another important fact to remember is that the side effects can only be seen within two weeks of taking the first vaccine shot. So now that people in India have left covid long behind, there is hardly anything to worry about! Although, the symptoms include swelling in leg, constant headaches, random blood spots on the body, abdominal pain etc.

TTS is triggered due to wrong signal sent to the immune system and it ends up forming more antibodies that lead to decrease in platelets and formation of clots.

Astrazeneca is currently fighting a case against them. They stand by their statement that that they never hid the fact that the vaccine can cause TTS in rare conditions.

Despite a lot of chaos regarding the vaccine, WHO continues to recommend Covishield because of its benefits that outweigh the risks.