Promise Day: 7 Vows That Mean Much More Than 'I Love You'

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 11, 2024

We have arrived on Promise Day while celebrating the days of love during Valentine's Week. What are you promising your partner on this day?

In case you agree that your promises mean the world and are much more than the magical words "I love you," take cues from some vows that will steal one's heart.

(1) I promise to be with you through times of challenges and successes.

(2) I promise to admire you all through my life as we take this journey ahead.

(3) I promise to be your all-time fan who supports you whenever you need me. I'm there for you!

(4) Dear love, I promise to be yours forever as we share the days of our lives being together.

(5) I promise to cuddle as well as fight for fun, and resolve issues quickly so that they don't overpower our love.

(6) I promise to try keeping myself an open book for you. A book that you would not only read but also add chapters to.

(7) I promise to fall in love with you again and again. Cheesy, but I'll make it true because "I love you."