Pranayama: Busy Monday? Try 5 Minute Easy Breathing Exercise To Remove Stress & Feel Better

By: Rahul M | February 26, 2024

Feeling stressed amid a busy working day? Try some breathing exercises to experience relaxation and freshness.

You need not leave your desk to try some Pranayama, but ensure that your back is steady and ready to breathe in and out with focus.

To begin, cover one of your nostrils with a finger and inhale slowly. Count five as you hold your breath before leaving it out from the other side.

Do it repeatedly with closed eyes to experience calmness. Take a five-minute break from your work to feel better as you try this breathing exercise.

Once done, you may face upward and breathe normally with a gentle smile. It would just feel so relaxing and great!

Pranayama has several types, but this 'Anulom Vilom' is something that everyone can try to improve respiratory and cardiovascular health.

It is a yogic method focusing on one's breath that originated in India during the ancient days. It is an effective one to re-energise you.