Philosophie Matérielle: Bugatti Tourbillon; A Look Into Hybrid Future

By: Vikrant Durgale | June 21, 2024

The TOURBILLON transforms the 'Form Follows Performance' concept into a new era by drawing on 115 years of BUGATTI design DNA.

Self-opening dihedral doors make it simple to enter and exit while gracefully rising to maintain the aerodynamic integrity of the canopy and silhouette.

Modern BUGATTI design is still anchored by Jean Bugatti's skillful combination of colors and sculptural forms for the TYPE 57, which is recognized for its mesmerizing play of light.

A new naturally-aspirated V16 engine, built from the ground up and incorporating many technologies from F1, produces 1,000 horsepower of raw performance.

The chassis design of TOURBILLON is a magnificent piece of art that is out of sight but is incredibly strong and well-formed.

The transmission tunnel is gracefully entered by the solid aluminum console that floats. Encased in crystal glass, until needed, is a high-definition digital screen that shows phone connections and vehicle data.

Swiss horologists build the instrument cluster, which has over 600 components and is built to exact watchmaking tolerances.

The eye-catching taillight, which was designed as a single, seamless piece, Follows Performance" since it lets hot air escape from underneath. a smooth fusion of creativity and style.

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