Oysters Day 2023: 6 Amazing Facts About The Aquatic Creature

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 04, 2023

Oysters Day 2023 is being observed on August 5, and here are some amazing facts about the aquatic creature you must know.

(1) Oysters produce pearls but aren't the only ones who can do that.

(2) They make it to one of the much-loved seafood across the globe, especially in Scotland.

(3) Oysters have the ability to change as per environmental conditions, and that's what they call 'Phenotypic plasticity.'

(4) They are vegetarians mainly surviving on algae formations.

(5) Probably you didn't guess think one coming - Oysters can change their sex depending on surroundings and physiological stressors.

(6) It is said that their shells were used as building materials in the earlier centuries to construct structures in New York City.

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