Oh, What? Japan Is Adding Armpit Sweat To Their Rice Balls

By: Rahul M | May 02, 2024

You might have come across weird ingredients being added to recipes to spice it up or give it a unique flavour. But how about adding armpit sweat?

No, we aren't bluffing. Japan is actually doing that. They are adding armpit sweat to rice balls.

There are reports suggesting Japanese women preparing Onigiris with body sweat, especially from under their arms.

The chefs engage in physical activity to sweat and then use armpits to shape rice balls instead of usually using their palms, according to local media.

We might have ruined rice balls for you by now. However, people aren't really saying "Yuck" to the dish made out of armpit sweat.

It is being said that rice balls processed in this weird method are sold at higher rates than regular Onigiri.

Internet has reportedly shared mixed reactions about adding the unconventional ingredient to the dish.

Would you ever consider trying a food item made in such a manner which takes hygiene for granted?