Mumbai: 7 SoBo Destinations For A Perfect Sunday Evening Under ₹100

By: Swarna Srikanth | February 18, 2024

Banganga is a great place to spend an evening in South Bombay. It serves as a spiritual and calming destination surrounded by Shiva temples and a water pond.

10 minutes drive/bus ride from Charni Road railway station.

Sion (Shiv) Fort is a popular hangout spot for college-goers in the city. Open till 8 in the evening, it happens to be an Instagrammable location most-enjoyed by trekkers and nature lovers.

10 minutes walk from Sion railway station.

Dharavi Kumbarwada is a must-visit place for those wanting to explore their photography skills and interact with skilled potters.

15 minutes drive from Sion railway station.

Five Gardens is situated amid ancient architecture and blessed greenery. It is spot common to lovers, performers, and children.

15 minutes walk from Wadala railway station.

Marine Drive is a place that fascinates every person in Mumbai because of its mesmerising view.

10 minute walk from Churchgate railway station.

Gateway of India is an arch monument dating back to the 20th century. Several tourists and even locals visit here to enjoy a ferry, shop and dine at the Colaba causeway, etc.

10 minute drive from CSMT, Churchgate railway stations.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is an iconic location of Mumbai. It's historical significance and architectural brilliance amazes people.