Monday Motivation: 5 Quotes By Abraham Lincoln To Set The Mood Right For Working Week

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 12, 2024

It's a Monday, the day when we don't feel like waking up from our bed. How about taking some motivation from a prominent leader who marks his birth anniversary today?

As we start our long work week, here are some quotes attributed to former US President Abraham Lincoln to motivate you and fill you with some energy.

"If a man says he knows a thing, then he must show how he knows it." This quote can help you motivate yourself to prove your efficiency at workplace.


Throwing light on what Lincoln called "one of the most important things" in life, he said, "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed."


He often suggested being stubborn and determined to get tasks done. He then said, "Important principles may and must be inflexible."


Lincoln once mentioned about a happy day and said, "Happy day, when, all matter subjected, mind all conquering mind..."


Another quote from the leader that will cheer you up on a Monday is, "In this troublesome world, we are never quite satisfied." These words will probably fuel you up to give your best and achieve more and more in life and career.