Miss World Participants With Motivating Stories Of Women's Empowerment

By: Mariyam Usmani | March 08, 2024

Kathleen Coffre from Panama is a model and respiratory therapist with particular focus on children. As a cocktail of two spontaneous traits, she emerges as a strong leader of women's empowerment.

Lesego Chombo from Botswana believes in the power of kindness, music and community support to reach the children of marginalised sections.

Leanni Tibbetts from the Cayman Islands advocates the women's endeavours to break the polarised narratives of patriarchal society.

Elise-Gayonne Vernon from Belize fosters the environmental causes and sustainable farming. She has been active in animial-rescue campigns to beef-up the culture of co-existence.

Kristen Wright from Australia is an author and scuba instructor. She uplifts the women raft with creativity, wisdom and academic excellence.

While Johanne Hansen from Denmark advocates the ecological concerns and sustainability to control plastic pollution. Apart from this, she has been a snow-boarding enthusiast and a karate trainer.

Nursena Say from Turkey supports social causes and architectural sustainability in an artistic way to contribute to the society.

Paula PĂ©rez from Spain rigorously endorses the community services and mental health facilities to help the journey of struggle and strength.

Sofiia Shamin from Ukraine is an entrepreneur who excels the art-therapy and creative skills to raise awareness.

Natasha-Joan Mapulanga from Zambia is dedicated to stir the waves of change. She tackles the blistering themes with slash of humor, optimism and professionalism.