Menstrual Hygiene Day 2024: Avoid These Food Items During Menstruation

By: Amisha Shirgave | May 28, 2024

Consuming caffeine in high amounts during periods can cause anxiety and it can also increase menstrual cramps.

Processed foods are high in sodium and sugar. It can cause bloating and worsen mood swings during periods.

It is understandable to crave sugary products during your periods but excess sugar can lead to energy crashes and it can eventually leave you feeling more irritated.

Consuming dairy products can lead to excess and bloating and induce cramps.

Red meat should be avoided due to its high-fat content. It can cause inflammation. You can always opt for leaner protein options during your periods.

It is not recommended to consume alcohol during periods. It is okay to have a glass if you're craving it but more alcohol content can lead to dehydration and it can affect your blood flow, causing you headaches.

Consuming spicy foods can cause irritation in the stomach, cause acidity and leave you feeling more sick.