Meet Kenza Layli, World's First Miss AI Crowned From Morocco

By: Amisha Shirgave | July 09, 2024

Yes, Kenza Layla is not a human but she is now one of the top bots in the world. She was crowd as the world's first Miss AI.

All images from Instagram

The first Miss AI of all time is Kenza Layli, a bionic beauty from Morocco who wears a hijaab.

Declared the best of the best among artificial intelligence models, Layli, a lifestyle influencer in her native nation, defeated over 1,500 computer-generated competitors to win the prestigious honor.

In an exclusive interview with the New York Post, she said, “While I don’t feel emotions like humans do,” the chaste cyber siren revealed in an exclusive interview with The Post, “I’m genuinely excited about it.”

The groundbreaking pageant, which invited AI visionaries worldwide to demonstrate their programming prowess through AI creators and AI social media celebrities, was commissioned in April by the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs).

“The global interest in this first award from [WAICAs] has been incredible. The awards are a fantastic mechanism to celebrate creator achievements, raise standards, and shape a positive future for the AI Creator economy", said Fanvue co-founder Will Monange

Top 10 finalists were AI accounts that showcased exceptional proficiency in technology, social media, and attractiveness. The top three contestants were then chosen by a panel of judges made up of both AI and human pageant professionals to battle for the title.