Lana Del Ray Songs For A Broken Heart Post Breakup

By: Amisha Shirgave | June 22, 2024

LDR celebrates her 39th birthday today. Let's have a look at some of her best creations. 'Breaking Up Slowly' is one of Lana's underrated songs you must definitely listen to if you've recently broken up. This song beautifully focuses on the fear of being left alone after the breakup.

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'Pretty When You Cry' is a song that comforts you when you're sad. It assures you that it is okay to be sad and heartbroken. The lyrics go, “Don’t say you need me when you leave and you leave again", and they sure make you relate.

"Sad Girl, bad girl, I am a mad girl", go the lyrics of 'Sad Girl'. It emphasizes on the sadness that is inevitable after a breakup.

"White Mustang" is a song that asks you to be patient with the fear and anxiety that hits after a breakup.

'Tomorrow Never Came' is one of LDR's most beautiful tracks. It talks about and love and heartbreak. It talks about a beautiful, loving relationship coming to an end.

'Ride' is a song from the album Born to die. It is a song that you will want to listen to when you spend some alone time after a painful breakup.

'Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems' is a song similar to Sad Girl. It romanticizes the pain of a heartbreak post the breakup. The songs that it is beautiful problem to have lost someone you loved.

'Happiness Is A Butterfly' makes you realise that it is quite a story to chase happiness that seem unachievable and the struggle to maintain it when you have it.

'Violets For Roses' is a song that acts as a reminder to be kind to yourself after a loss and accept it in order to allow new beginnings in life.