Is Milk Tea And Coffee Harmful? Learn Why You Should Avoid It For Healthy Living

By: Rahul M | May 15, 2024

ICMR raises concern over excessive consumption of milk tea, coffee and other caffeinated drink due to its harmful effects.

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The new guidelines from the ICMR advise against consuming coffee or tea immediately after meals. It is ideal to consume it before or after an hour of your meal.

Consumption of caffeinated drinks extensively can stimulate the central nervous system, causing problems for your body.

The report highlighted that Beverages like tea can hinder iron absorption due to tannins, potentially causing conditions like anaemia. It can also cause problems in blood pressure and pose cardiac risks.

According to the guidelines, limit your daily caffeine intake to 300 mg. For reference, a serving of tea has 30-65 mg, brewed coffee has 80-120 mg per 150 ml, and instant coffee has 50-60 mg.

ICMR has also advised consuming tea without milk, highlighting several benefits of consuming no-milk tea.

Tea without milk can enhance your blood circulation and reduce the risk of several conditions like coronary artery diseases and stomach cancer.