International Body Piercing Day: Why Is It Celebrated?

By: Rahul M | June 28, 2024

Piercing portrays multiple expressions. Some use it as rites of passage, self-expression or religious beliefs. In the modern world, piercing has become more of rebellious thing.

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International Piercing Day is celebrated every year on June 28 and it is seen as an opportunity for you to express yourself through an age old practice.

You might think that piercing emerged in the western culture and now is a genZ trend but it dates back to our ancestors almost 5000 years ago.

Jim Ward was known as 'grandaddy of body piercing movement' and International Body Piercing Day is dedicated to him.

Jim Ward is responsible for bringing popular the popular barbell style piercing to the US.

Body piercing day is a great day to finally get that piercing you have been wanting to. Apart from being a way to express, it can also help you with your identity.

There are multiple body piercings you can get. Belly piercings are always bold and attractive. You can get piercings on your tongue, eyebrows and lips.