India's Filter Kaapi Ranks In Top 10 Coffees Of The World: Read To Know Where It Stands On The List

By: Aanchal Chaudhary | March 08, 2024

At the top, Cuban Espresso, also know as Cafe Cubano or Cafecito is a sweetened espresso originating from Cuba. It is brewed in stovetop or electric espresso makers with dark roast coffee and natural brown sugar.

Ranked at 2nd position, Indian filter coffee is a staple of South India's culture with its rich flavour. It is made using a coffee filter machine. It goes beyond being a drink, becoming an integral part of tradition and culture.

At the 3rd position is Espresso Freddo from Greece. This cold espresso delight is prepared by combining espresso with ice, resulting in a refreshing beverage to beat the warmth in Greece.

Greece secured 4th position with its Freddo cappuccino in the world's best coffees. This Greek specialty involves combining espresso with cold frothed milk, which created a delightful and chilled cappuccino.

Taking the 5th position is the iconic Italian Cappuccino. It is a blend of espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk that creates a texture and rich flavour. The Cappuccino is a symbol of Italy's rich coffee culture and craftsmanship.

At the 6th position is Turkish Coffee from Turkey. This traditional brew is know for its finely ground coffee, sugar and water boiled together to create a strong and distinctive beverage flavour.

Securing 7th position is the Ristretto from Italy. It is known for its short and concentered form, Ristretto is an espresso shot with reduced amount of water. It delivers a bold and incense flavour.

Frappe from Greece is at the 8th position. This popular iced coffee is made by mixing instant coffee with water and ice, creating a refreshing and frothy beverage. Frappe has become a beloved choice for many around the world.

The 9th position is backed by German Eiskaffee. This delightful beverage features chilled coffee served over ice cream and topped with whipped cream.

Occupying the 10th spot is Vietnamese Iced Coffee from Vietnam. It is a blend of strong coffee which is sweetened with condensed milk and ice. It is known for its unique blend of bold coffee and sweet creaminess.