IN PICS: This Monsoon Plan Your Trip To Kerala's Wayanad

By: Sunanda Singh | May 27, 2024

Wayanad is a famous place in Kerala. The district is amidst lush greenery and is famous for trekking. It holds numerous beautiful places in its heart and Chimmini Dam is among them.

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Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, a treasure trove of diverse flora and fauna, is a thrilling destination. It is home to a large population of elephants and tigers, making it a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts.

Priyank Madyastha

Chembra Peak, the crown jewel of Wayanad, stands tall as the district's highest peak. Its summit offers awe-inspiring panoramic views, a sight that will surely inspire any traveller.

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Kuruvadweep, or Kuruva Island, is another popular place in the district. The island, which is filled with natural beauty, offers enchanting views and relaxation from city life.


Phantom Rock is situated at the top of a hill. Its structure resembles a human skull. The rock stands tall in the open blue sky and is surrounded by hills and valleys.

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Karapuzha Dam is a beautiful dam in the district that offers mesmerising views of mountains and water.


The Jain Temple in Wayanad is called Sultan Bathery Temple or Bathery Jain Temple. The ancient temple is one of the holiest temples, especially for Jains.