IN Pics: 8 Things to be careful of while working out in gym

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 28, 2022

Warm Up -When using weights or plate-loaded equipment, you should give your body time to adjust to the stress you're about to put it under. Use a little weight to simulate the movements your body will be doing so that your muscles will activate and contract

Stay hydrated- At the gym, everyone gets sweaty, therefore drinking enough water is essential for rehydration

Lift weight that you can handle- In the gym, developing strength takes time, so don't rush into lifting weights that you can't manage. If you are a beginner, find safer ways to test your strength

If not sure ask someone- It's better to inquire than to risk injury by attempting it on your own

Gym partner- Have a gym companion when exercising; especially important when performing exercises like the bench press or squats when you may be under a lot of weight

Never rush while exercising- Exercises should not be completed quickly. Exercises are only defeated when people speed through them without fully extending their range of motion

Never Workout after eating- The stomach might not be pleased with you if you want to exercise an hour after eating a substantial meal. It could result in gastrointestinal symptoms such gas, bloating, or diarrhoea. You can exercise without eating, for instance, in the morning before breakfast.

Cool down- Cooling down is the last step of your workout. The duration should be double that of your warm-up. Before you entirely stop. Reduce the speed and force of your movements for at least 10 minutes