In Photos: Journey Of Rajdhani Express Over The Years

By: Aleesha Sam | March 01, 2024

On this day in 1969, India's first Rajdhani Express was flagged off from New Delhi to Howrah


With a record time of 17 hours and 20 minutes, Rajdhani express covered a distance of 1450 km


Rajdhani express were the first fully operational AC trains introduced by the Indian Railway back in 1960 with its commendable speed and also connecting capital to major cities.


Rajdhani Express is the oldest and superfast train known for its luxury, comfort and premium class treatment for its passengers

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Began with chair car seaters, Rajdhani over the years upgraded to sleeper coaches with first class, two-tier and three-tier AC coaches.


The Rajdhani express has total of 25 operational trains running across the states, with an addition of 7 Tejas Rajdhani express trains


Over the years Rajdhani was also subjected to derails, fire breakout accidents and hijack incidents too


Indian railways in 2019 began upgrading the coaches of Rajdhani express to New Tejas coaches with enhanced features.

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