IN PHOTOS: INS Vikrant's Naval Journey Since Its Commissioning In 1961

By: Aleesha Sam | March 04, 2024

The INS Vikrant was launched on September 22, 1945 as Hercules, then on March 04,1961 it was commissioned as Vikrant in its first avatar.


On March 5, 1961, the INS Vikrant embarked on its journey from Belfast, setting sail for Portsmouth and Portland


Soon after undergoing several months of sea trials, INS Vikrant departed for India on October 6, 1961 and arrived Bombay on November 3, 1961


INS Vikrant was the first ever carrier for an Asian country and remained so for a long time, weighing 19,500-tonnes

PIB/ Canva

INS Vikrant played a crucial role in the 1971 war with its aircrafts wiping out the enemy


The INS Vikrant also helped in preventing reinforcement of Pakistani forces from the sea, leading to the birth of Bangladesh

X/ Canva

In 1984, the INS Vikrant underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming a Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing (V/STOL) carrier, with the brand new, state-of-the-art aircraft Sea Harrier.


After an illustrious service spanning 36 years, the INS Vikrant was decommissioned from active duty on January 31, 1997